What is soil moisture sensor?

What is soil moisture sensor

What is soil moisture sensor?

The soil moisture sensor from Egen technology is a high-precision, high-sensitivity soil moisture measurement instrument. The sensor adopts the method of measuring the soil moisture content based on the standing wave principle, thereby obtaining the true moisture content of the soil, which is characterized by fast, accurate, stable and reliable, and is not affected by the chemical fertilizer and metal ions in the soil.

Compressive performance and sealing performance of soil moisture sensor:
The soil moisture sensor in the industry generally has a problem of poor sealing. As a result, the soil moisture sensor is buried in the soil for a period of time, and the data is inaccurate or even 0. The main reason is that the shell material is made of plastic material. It can not withstand the pressure of the soil and is damaged. On the other hand, the connection between the sensor probe and the outer casing is not well handled, and finally the moisture enters the sensor casing and burns out the electronic components. The technicians of our company started from the two aspects of the shell material and the sealing structure, and finally solved this industry problem.

1. The sensor shell is made of aluminum alloy, which has strong pressure resistance and can meet the requirements of deep buried soil.
2. The sensor probe and the outer casing are connected by special screw, which has good sealing performance and strong waterproofness to ensure that the electronic components are protected from damage.
3. High precision, low drift and stable performance.
4. Fast response and long service life.
5. wide operating temperature range, with strong load capacity.
6. good anti-interference ability, long transmission distance.
7. a variety of signal output options are available.

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