Weather Stations​

Weather Stations​

Whether you are looking for home weather stations or one for work, egen-technology can help. We have sold highly accurate and durable weather instruments to people and businesses throughout the world. Our specialty is providing high quality weather stations for the hobbyist or the professional that offer accurate measurements of wind, atmospheric pressure, humidity, temperature, rainfall and more measurements. 

​Hand-held Weather Station

The handheld weather station is a portable, easy to operate, set a number of meteorological elements in one of the mobile weather observation equipment.

Portable Weather Station

The portable weather station, also known as mini-weather station, man's weather station, is a high integration, micro-power, compact, fast installation, scalable mini-weather station.

​Photovoltaic Weather Station

The photovoltaic weather station, is in full accordance with the "user side grid-connected photovoltaic power plant monitoring system technical specifications", the design of weather monitoring equipment, the wind direction, wind speed,temperature......

​Weather Station on Car

The weather station on car is specifically designed for vehicles, ships and other mobile transport and integrated observation of automatic weather stations.

Mini Automated Weather Station ​2.5m high

Mini automated weather stations accurately measure meteorological elements such as wind direction, wind speed, rainfall, temperature, humidity, radiation, pressure and transmit the data to a central computerized meteorological database for statistical analysis and processing.

Automatic Weather Station 3.5m high

Automatic weather station is a collection of meteorological data collection, storage, transmission and management of unattended weather collection system, the meteorological sensors.....


Data collection for ​Weather and environment.

We developed a series of independent intellectual property rights of the weather and environmental instruments, wind power measurement and control systems, intelligent greenhouse control systems and other products.

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