Wind Speed Display Controller

Wind Speed Display Controller

The wind speed display controller is composed of an intelligent microprocessor and a high dynamic wind sensor. It can be used to observe the instantaneous wind speed in the atmosphere. When the wind speed is lower or higher than the set value, the sound and light alarm and one double contact relay are triggered. Switch output control function. The display adopts high-brightness LED digital tube, which has a long viewing distance and is suitable for day or nighttime with strong light. The three setting buttons of the panel are used to set the alarm value of wind speed value or wind speed level, which is quick and convenient to operate.

The instrument adopts the wall-mounted ABS dustproof casing, which is easy to install, small in space and high in reliability. It is an indispensable wind speed detecting instrument for large and medium-sized building tower cranes, lifting appliances, hanging baskets and cableway.

  • High sensitivity
  • High precision
  • Wide applicability
  • Wide range
  • Design specification
  • Factory direct sales



Accuracy:±(0.3+0.03V) m/s
Starting wind speed:≤0.5m/s
Alarm value setting:
Wind speed value:0-35m/s, plus or minus 1m/s
Wind level value:0-12, one by one or minus one
Cable standard:2.5m
Operating environment:Temperature -20℃~60℃, humidity 20%-90%RH, No condensation
Alarm size:52.5×90.5×55 mm
Junction box size:107×58×33 mm


1. Display high-intensity LED digital tube to display real-time wind speed value;
2. Wind speed over-limit sound and light alarm;
3. One-way double-contact relay switch quantity control output;
4. Built-in multiple protection functions, the system runs stably and reliably;
5. The structure design is scientific and reasonable, and the wall-mounted casing is easy to install.
6. There are two kinds of wind speed display controller, which are alarms higher than the set value and lower than the set value. The default products are alarms higher than the set value.

Wind Speed Grade Table

Wind grade Wind speed (m / s)
0 0~0.2
1 0.3~1.5
2 1.6~3.3
3 3.4~5.4
4 5.5~7.9
5 8.0~10.7
6 10.8~13.8
7 13.9~17.l
8 17.2~20.7
9 20.8~24.4
10 24.5~28.4
11 28.5~32.6
12 >32.6

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