Agriculture Solution

Agriculture Solution

Agriculture Solution

Extend your weather monitoring across your entire property to ensure maximum harvest yields while minimizing crop damage risks.


In modern facility agriculture, we can obtain weather parameters such as air temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide content, and light intensity in greenhouses through sensor technology to control irrigation schedules, environmental alarms, light adjustments, fan start-up and shutdown, heating and humidification, and rolling shutter pumps. And other equipment. 


Users can flexibly arrange various soil monitoring sensors according to monitoring needs; they can also arrange sensors at different depths to measure profile soil conditions. The system also provides additional expansion capabilities.


The intelligent breeding environment monitoring system is based on the cloud server platform, intelligent sensing, network technology, etc. It can provide various environmental parameters such as air temperature, humidity, light intensity, CO2 concentration, hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, oxygen content in the air, ammonium nitrogen, etc. 

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